Ladd's Advantage

Ladd’s Advantage


Be excited and confident that you are in the right place for golf cars.  With over 30,000 new and used Club Cars sold. The greatest selection in the mid-south, Ladd’s is the right place to be!




50+ Years in business, Ladd’s will make you rest assured that we will be here and are ready to help with any needs before and after a purchase.




Since 1963 Ladd’s has been taking care of customers.  We haven’t been here this long without doing the right thing.  Perfect…no, but every day we strive to be great for you.




We have unlimited finance options upon credit approval.  We generally advertise popular choices but we can custom fit for your needs.  Golf cars are very affordable, functional and fun.




Perhaps the most important differentiator for Ladd’s and our customers.  Ladd’s stands behind every car sold with all 50 years of experience and reputation.  What’ a warranty worth from a company out of business tomorrow?  Our warranty is rock solid!